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This is TFG Esport, a professional gaming team.

The POA Team

VALORANT Clash of Nations Qualifier Indonesia/Philippines

ESL Clash of Nations VALORANT Qualifier

The top 2 teams in this qualifier will earn their spot in the upcoming VALORANT Showdown, starting on Thursday 8th December, 2022.

Competition format

  • Single Elimination
  • Round of 256 – Round of 32: Best of 1 (BO1)
  • Round of 16 – Round of 4: Best of 3 (BO3)

Once finalists have been determined the bracket will be considered finished. The bracket will not be played beyond this point.

Lobby Settings

  • Allow Cheats – Off
  • Tournament mode – On
  • Overtime: Win by Two Rounds – On
  • Play Out All Rounds – Off
  • Hide Match History – Off
  • Game Mode: Standard

* Numbers of spectators allowed: 0

(No spectators or observers are allowed in matches unless authorized by the Tournament Admin)

Tournament Procedure (what to do on the day of the tournament)

  1. When the bracket is released, search for your Match Pairing and click on your Match Page. You can do this by clicking on the [VS] Button in the middle of the pairing and it will bring you to the Match Page.
  2. Using the comments section on the Match page, complete the map veto with your opponent. Please read the Game Rules to see the Map Veto Process.
  3. Invite the opponent team within 10 minutes to start the match.
  4. After the match is over, submit a screenshot clearly showing the scoreboard and upload the result on the Match Page.
  5. Both teams must be enter the score on the Match Page within 15 minutes of the match ending.
  6. If the opposing team does not show up within 10 minutes of the match being available, they will be given a No Show and will be given the default loss. Both teams must communicate with each other in the comments section if there are any issues that may prevent them from starting their game.

*Open Qualifier Side Selection Processes

  • Ro256 – Team A Selects Side
  • Ro128 – Team B Selects Side
  • Ro64 – Team A Selects Side
  • Ro32 – Team B Selects Side
  • Ro16 – Team A Selects Side
  • Ro8 – Team B Selects Side
  • Ro4 – Team A Selects Side

Competition results

All players are encouraged to take a screenshot of the result of every match and submit the result within 10 minutes of the match ending.