Augmented Reality Glasses

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Product Highlights

1. High-definition screen: 3D ultra-high-definition giant screen for both eyes, 4K ultimate visual enjoyment, let you indulge in the enjoyment of the 120-inch large screen.

2. Intelligent language: built-in intelligent voice recognition technology and noise reduction microphone, the operation is more convenientand faster.

3. Lightweight into the pocket: only 83g, as light as ordinary glasses, you can enjoy the big screen anytime, anywhere

4. No wearing of myopia glasses: support the adjustment of myopia within 500 degrees of one eye, and adjust the eyes separately to avoid the trouble of myopia.

5. Immersive breakthrough: shocking opening, 3D immersive game experience, more sense of battle, easy to dominate the player world.

6. 3Dof head control interaction: 3Dof space display technology, you can turn your head left and right to look up and look down to watch the 360-degree surround video, as if you were there.

7. One-handed swipe interaction: After connecting your mobile phone and entering Rokid Air, your mobile phone becomes a touchpad, and you can experience it with one hand.

8. High-quality speakers: special acoustic structure design, shocking surround sound, more fun watching movies and games.

9. Lightweight materials: medical grade magnesium alloy optical module bracket, low density and high strength, and aerospace grade temples.

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