Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Gamepad

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Wireless BT 5.0 Stretchable Game Controller For Mobile Phone Android IOS Gamepad Joystick Retractable Gamepad for PS4 Switch PC
Note:  When you test the keys and find that the M2 key is no any responds, don’t worry, it is not broken. It’s because that the M2 key is designed for gunfight games to adjust the speed of the joystick, which needs to be used in the V3 software and not every games support this function.

In the V3 mode, hold down the M2 button, the joystick will slow down, release the button, the joystick will back to the original state. In gunfight games, this function is good, when you pick up the gun to aim, the speed will slow down to help me aim at the target.

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